Radisson Mining Resources

Radisson is a Quebec-based gold exploration company. The O’Brien project, cut by the world renowned Larder-Lake-Cadillac Break, is Radisson’s flagship project. The project hosts the former O’Brien Mine, considered to have been the Abitibi Greenstone Belt’s highest-grade gold producer during its production (1,197,147 metric tons at 15.25 g/t Au for 587,121 ounces of gold from 1926 to 1957; InnovExplo, May 2018).

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O'Brien project

The O'Brien gold project straddles the Larder-Lake Cadillac Break on over 4.5 kilometres in north western Quebec. The O'Brien gold project is home of the richest mine by grade in Quebec, the old O'Brien mine (Historic production of 1.2M metric tons at 15.25 g/t Au for 587 121 oz). Since 2016, Radisson completed more than 32,000 metres of drilling with main objective expanding mineral resources at O’Brien. In 2017, the company discovered the Vintage Zone, north of the O’Brien deposit. Lately, Radisson published a resource estimate update for O’Brien, resulting in a 95% for Indicated resources.

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