Radisson appoints M. Tony Brisson to its Board of directors and announces AGM results and the election of directors

Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec Radisson Mining Resources Inc. (TSX-V: RDS, OTC: RMRDF) (“Radisson” or the “Company”) announces that the six candidates designated in the management proxy circular dated May 6, 2018 were elected to the Corporation’s Board of Directors during the shareholder’s annual meeting held in Rouyn-Noranda on June 7, 2018.

The shareholders were represented in person or by proxy by 62,999,965 class A shares, or 50.67% of the 124,323,893 outstanding class A shares. Voting results are presented below.

Tony Brisson appointment to the Board of directors

Tony Brisson, P. Geo, joined Radisson in 2016 as main consultant in geology. He will continue to work in collaboration with Catherine Jalbert, P. Geo, Exploration manager of the company and supervise the advancement of the O’Brien project from a high-level perspective. During his career of over 20 years, M. Brisson has worked with several significant mining companies, including Goldcorp Inc. (Eleonore Mine – Exploration Manager), Cogitore Resources Inc. (Vice-President of Exploration) and Cambior Inc. (Senior Geologist / Chief Geologist). In 2009, he was on the team who won the Prospector of the Year award from the Quebec Mining Exploration Association for the discovery of the Scott Lake deposit, when he was working for Cogitore Resources Inc.

M. Brisson will be a successor to M. Jean-Marie Dupont cofounder of Radisson leaving the Board of directors after more than 30 years with the company. Over the years, M. Dupont held several responsibilities with Radisson. The Board of directors sincerely wishes to thank M. Dupont for his involvement and devotion towards Radisson and wishes him the best of success.

2018 AGM Election of Directors Results

DirectorFor% ForWithheld% Withheld
Denis Lachance55,788,97488.60%7,180,55311.40%
Mario Bouchard56,276,92289.37%6,692,60510.63%
Luc Simoneau54,729,73386.91%8,239,79413.09%
Jean Dion55,788,97488.60%7,180,55311.40%
Réjean Gourde54,754,73386.95%8,214,79413.05%
Tony Brisson55,067,73387.45%7,901,79412.55%

Consequently, during the shareholder’s annual meeting, the appointment of Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec as Independent auditor for the company was approved at 100% by the shareholders.

The shareholders rights protection plan was reconduction was approved at 80.08% by the shareholders.

Grant of stock options 

On June 7th 2018, the Board of Directors awarded a total of 1,350,000 stock options to directors, officers and one employee of the company. Pursuant to terms of the stock options plan each option grants the holder thereof the right to purchase one class A share at a price of $ 0.125 until June 7th, 2023. Following the grant of stock options and pursuant to terms of the stock options plan, there are currently 3,510,000 stock options outstanding.


Option exercise by two directors and a one officer of the company 

The company announces the exercise of 300,000 stock options at a price of $ 0.10 and 75,000 stock options at a price of $ 0.13 by two directors and one officer resulting in the emission of 375,000 class A shares for total amount of $ 39,750. As a result of this stock option exercise, there are currently 124,698,893 class A shares of Radisson issued and outstanding.

About Radisson Mining Resources Inc.

Radisson is a Quebec-based mineral exploration company. The O’Brien project, cut by the regional Cadillac Break, is Radisson’s flagship asset. The project hosts the former O’Brien Mine, considered to have been the Abitibi Greenstone Belt’s highest-grade gold producer during its production (1,197,147 metric tons at 15.25 g/t Au for 587,121 ounces of gold from 1926 to 1957; InnovExplo, April 2015).

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